Pretoria Kitchen Counter tops

There are three main types of counter tops used in kitchens, Formica, Granite and solid wood, Concrete tops are also gaining popularity. Concrete tops are not worth trying in small kitchens as they use up a lot of space, If you however have a large farmstyle kitchen concrete tops are a definite option.

Formica Counter Tops - Pretoria

Formica is a laminate on a chipboard substrate, This is the most common type of top found in most kitchens because of the range of colours that look very much like the stone and wooden tops and the cost. 3m of formica costs less than 1m of granite in most cases. The choice of colours has something for every one from plain colours to wooden finish and granite.

formica counter tops pretoria

Granite Counter Tops - Pretoria

Granite is a natural product, is not renewable and harvesting granite destroys mountains. This is not a green product and in my mind is the least desirable top to use. It is however the next most common counter top found in kitchens. The range of colours is pretty varied from almost white stone to pitch black. There are also man made stone counter tops made by companies like Caesarstone.

granite counter tops pretoria

Solid Wood Counter tops - Pretoria

The greenest option is solid wood, this is because trees can be planted and they will grow. There are some woods that are harvested from forests and these forests are dwindling, I prefer using plantation grown timber but this is not always an option. Solid wood tops are manufactured by laminating planks together to the required size.

solid wood counter tops pretoria

Concrete work tops - Pretoria

We build old farmhouse style concrete work tops on site, These kitchens have brick walls seperating them and the concrete is cast in situ using forms made with plywood. After they have been cast, the walls are plastered and the tops are finished with a range of toppings. Once all the wet work is complete and cured cabinets are fitted in the spaces allowed for them.

concrete counter tops pretoria

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