Kitchen renovation in Pretoria

2019-01-24 14:20:49

There are a number of ways to do kitchen renovation. To save money you may just reface the kitchen with new tops and doors, retaining all of the cabinets that exist already. Carcasses are approximately 40% of the cost of new kitchen units, so the savings are substantial. Replacing tiles and repainting can also make a kitchen look new. My recommendation is that you use neutral colours for tiles, and cabinets. You can bring in colour with accessories and paint.

Fashion colours become jaded and old very quickly. In the 1980's the fashion was white or cream doors with oak edging and Oak tops. There was also the coloured strip handles, I very recently removed a kitchen with red handles that had been installed when the building was built in the 80's. I could date the kitchen to within a 5 year period.

Renovating your Pretoria Kitchen: Adding and moving units

The next method is to add a few units, move some existing ones around and once again refacing. If your kitchen units are in reasonable condition this can save some money. We recently replaced a sink unit, added a unit for a oven and hob and built a microwave unit for a client along with replacing doors, tops and facing sides with new melamine. The savings compared to replacing all the units was nearly 40% on the kitchen.
Pretoria Kitchen renovation

Renovating your Pretoria Kitchen: Painting

Some surfaces need a coat of paint to renew them. In the past we have resprayed doors and replace tops on kitchens. We also do hand painted paint effects for a unique and interesting kitchen. A repaint of an aging wood kitchen can bring it into the 21st century for the fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Renovating your Pretoria Kitchen: The full Monty

Gutting the kitchen, moving the sink, adding extra plugs and a full retile with all new units is the way many people choose to renovate their kitchen. When going this route there are many different options from melamine and painted doors to solid wood. I am able to help you make the choices by planning the kitchen to suit your budget.

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