Different door styles for your kitchen

2019-01-24 14:21:30

Kitchen Unit door types.

The range of doors available for kitchens is very wide. At the budget end of the spectrum is the squareline Melamine door and the top end is solid wood. Most South Africans are not very adventurous with their kitchens but internationally people are mixing and matching various products. It is our guess that these kitchens will start becoming popular in about 3 - 4 years.

This article will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of kitchen unit doors. We start at the budget end and finish on the top of the range.

Budget kitchen unit doors, made in Pretoria.

I said above that the bottom end of the range is Melamine, but if you want to save even more money you could make your own doors with chipboard. I am not sure how much money you will save because the facts are that chipboard looks like chipboard even after it has been filled and painted. The reasons we don't make chipboard doors to paint is that by the time you have filled and painted them, You could have a better quality door even if it's just white Melamine.

Squareline Melamine Doors

Squareline melamine doors have not changed since the 1980's when I first made them. Basically a squareline door is a piece of melamine edged with standard 0.3mm edging. A variation of this was made for a while with a bevelled edge. Advantage: Price, Disadvantages, The .3mm edging is applied with contact glue or as an iron on edging. It is known to peel off if it gets anywhere near steam or water. The doors are very likely to pop and swell just from being washed with too much water. Many kitchen companies now use an edgebander to apply the .3mm edging which is better than the old methods. We do not supply squareline doors because the savings vs Impact doors are so minimal that the better quality wins every time.

Squareline Melamine DoorEnya Walnut Melawood

Impact Melamine Doors

Impact edging varies from 1mm to 2mm in thickness. It is applied at high temperatures with an edgebander, creating a better seal and thus making the doors more water resistant than squareline doors. (Don't soak them in water though, Steam and water will still damage these doors if they are mistreated) We supply doors with a 2mm edge because they look nicer, and we use 1mm edging on all our carcasses. Advantages Price, Disadvantages. Water is still an issue, Paint tends to peel off of melamine, so the colour you choose is the colour you have.

Mid range kitchen unit doors made in Pretoria

Supawood or MDF is a very versatile material allowing for different profiles and patterns. These are cut with a router and can make a vast difference. We supply doors in raw supawood. primed, hand painted and spray painted. You choose whether you want to do the painting or not. If you want a kitchen with a difference but don't have the budget for that high gloss kitchen, supawood may just be the solution.

Squareline Supawood doors

Can't find a colour you like in the Melamine range, but still want that classic squareline look, Supawood can be painted any colour you like. If you can find the colour chip, the paint can be mixed. It can be painted with Chalk Paint, Enamel or even spray painted the same colour as your car. There are few materials that allow you this versatility. Advantages Raw Supawood is cheaper than Melamine and you can paint it yourself. Painted Supawood is more expensive than Melamine

Raised Panel Supawood Kitchen Unit door Tongue and Groove Supawood door Shaker handpainted Supawood Door

Feaux Panel Supawood Doors

As per the Squareline Supawood doors, your imagination is the limit when it comes to colour. Supawood can be "carved" with a router allowing for a multitude of patterns and shapes. A roman ogee edge and a square panel, or a square edge and parallel grooves can make your kitchen unique.

Supawood Panel doors for kitchen units

Panel doors are traditional and available in a range of styles from the ever popular and stylish Shaker door to the traditional "tongue and groove" farmhouse kitchen door. We make raised panels as well.

Solid Wood Kitchen Unit Doors made in Pretoria

Solid wood doors do not necessarily have to be beyond the budget. Pine and Saligna can be had for just a little more than Supawood. With a little stain Saligna can look as good as a lot of wood at triple and quadruple the price.

The range of timber available is vast. From the softwoods like Poplar, Cedar and Cypress to the hardwoods like Rosewood, Kiaat and Mahogany, The exotics like Zebrano, Rubber and Wenge and the ordinary like Meranti, Saligna and Pine.

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