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All about the the north of Pretoria

When talking about Pretoria North it is easy to get confused between the suburb Pretoria North or the area North of the Magaliesberg which covers a whole lot more area. Pretoria North on this site is the region which includes the suburb and all the suburbs surrounding Pretoria North. We have a full list of the suburbs in Pretoria North at the bottom of the page.

Pretoria North history

In 1855 Pretoria was founded and declared the capital of the South African Republic. This is not the South Africa we know today but the Boer Republic in Transvaal. The city was named for Andries Pretorius who slaughter the Zulu at Blood river.

In 1878 a Pioneer column of Boers started farming on the Apies River. The area became a stop on the route to the Northern Transvaal. Pretoria North started as an agricultural community.

Pretoria North Schools - list of schools in Pretorias northern suburbs.

The History of Schooling in Pretoria North starts in 1904 with the first private school being set up in 1890 on the farm Westfontein. In 1895 a State sponsored school was set up on the Eastern banks of the Apies river. In 1904 the Anglican Church in Generaal Byers Street was used by a State School, The first Pretoria North School.

On 20 May 1909 Pretoria-North Parallel medium school was opened with the first three class rooms built on the grounds of what is now Laerskool Danie Malan

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Danie Malan

The oldest school with the longest tradition of supporting the Pretoria North community, Laerskool Danie Malan has been there for almost 120 years. It was preceded by the Pretoria-North Parallel Medium school. This Pretoria North school has been an anchor of the community. The school was the first state school in the area and was started in a wood and sink church building.

In 1911 a new sink building was built an served as class rooms for many years. It was known as the bread tin locally. Back then Pretoria North was known for Malaria outbreaks and the school was used as a hospital as well.

Pretoria North is primarily an Afrikaans speaking area and the schools in the area attest to that. In the suburb of Pretoria North there exist a few other schools as well.

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Rachel de Beer

Laerskool Rachel De Beer, was established in 1947 with 403 learners. It was called Wolmerkool. Laerskool Rachel de Beer is a dual medium primary school offering Academic studies, Sport and cultural activities.

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees

Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Westpark Primary school

Westpark Primary, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Assumption Convent primary School

Assumption Convent, established in 1952, is a Catholic School. It started out with a handfull of learners in a pre bad classroom and has been expanded to a school with 20 air conditioned classrooms, a well equipped media centre, art room and music room.

They focus on academic excellence, but also offer sport and cultural activities, Learners are exposed to Technology, Music, Art and media. All classrooms are equipped with large TV screens allowing interesting and colourful electronic lessons.

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz

Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz was established in 1956 on the premises of Hoërskool Pretoria Noord as Pretoria Noord Tweede Hoërskool. At the start of the second term they moved to grounds on the North of Rosslyn Road, and in 1960 moved to the current premises and were named Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz. In the 1980's this was the largest Afrikaans school in the world with 1534 students.

The school offers academic studies and sport activities including rugby, netball, golf, chess, table tennis and more. The school newspaper, The Ritzer is very popular amongst the student body.

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Pretoria Noord

Hoërskool Pretoria Noord was established in 1947, and is set at the foot of the Magaliesberg. This school has more than a 1000 pupils. The four pillars of focus are Academics, Sport, Culture and Leadership.

In January 1943 the Hoerskool Pretoria Noord broke off from The Pretoria-North Parrallel medium school and moved to Zeeland House. The building of Hoerskool Pretoria Noord's home was started in 1944 and completed in 1946.

To the West of Pretoria North lies the precinct of Akasia, Schools in the area include

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Akasia

Laerskool Akasia,
Laerskool Winternest was started on 16 January 1956. The school was started on the premises of the Rachel de Beer school. They moved to the newly completed school building on the 25th of January. At the end of 1956 they had 186 students. The school was renamed to Laerskool Akasia in 1957 when uniforms, school colours and the motto were adopted. As well as Academics, soprt and cultural activities are offered to learners.

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Theresa Park

Laerskool Theresa Park, is a dual medium school offering academic studies along with sports and cultural activities. The sc chool offers academinc studies, sports and cultural activities.

Pretoria North schools - Orchards Primary School/h3>
Orchards Primary School, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Rosslyn Primary School

Rosslyn Primary School, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Amandasig Secondary School

Amandasig Secondary School We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Akasia

Hoërskool Akasia. boasts a matric pass rate of more than 98%, They offer great Academic studies, and are winners of the Tshwane Sports and Cultural awards for 2018.

To the East of Pretoria North is the area commonly known as Montana which includes Wonderboom, Doornpoort, Sinoville, Annlin and Montana Park and Magalieskruin Schools in this area include:

Pretoria North schools - Northridge Primary School

Northridge Primary school,

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Pretoria Noord

Laerskool Stefanus Roos,

Pretoria North schools - Sinoville Primary School

Sinoville Primary School,

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Wonderboom

Laerskool Wonderboom,

Pretoria North schools - Laerskool Magalieskruin

Laerskool Magalieskruin,

Pretoria North schools - Doornpoort Primary School

Doornpoort Primary school, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Montana Poort Secondary School

Montana Poort Secondary school, We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Overkruin

Hoërskool Overkruin,

Pretoria North schools - Hoërskool Montana

Hoërskool Montana We currently have no information about this school

Pretoria North Transport infrastructure

Pretoria North is situated to the north of Pretoria at about 8 kms from the city centre. The Wonderboom station of the railway line is part of the Pretoria North complex and was a reason why the area developed into a small town of its own, functionally connected to the greater city of Pretoria.

Wonderboom station is one of the main centres of commuter distribution in the North of Pretoria, Commuters from the far Northern regions of Pretoria will catch a train to Wonderboom and continue their journeys to their work places from the taxi rank. There is also a bus service from Pretoria North to the CBD.

Pretoria North Malls and Shopping

The north of Pretoria is very residential in nature with small pockets of small holdings. To satisfy the area there are some major malls, a few smaller shopping centres and of course the CBD in Pretoria North. Most retail businesses in the area can be found in the malls or shopping centres.

In Pretoria North precinct there are retail outlets, mainly smaller businesses along Ben Viljoen and Gerrit Maritz streets and some dotted throughout the area. Blaauw Village and North park malls are the main shopping precincts in Pretoria North.

Pretoria North Shopping - Wonderpark Shopping centre

Wonderpark Shopping centre to the west Of Pretoria North is a large mall for local shopping. With more than 180 stores this shopping centre has single level shopping with 7 entrances. The centre has a fully integrated taxi rank and 3600 parking bays with free parking.

Pretoria North Shopping - Madelief Shopping centre

Madelief in Dorandia has 29 shops with many of the businesses local businesses. It is a meeting place for the youth from local schools for a burger and coke.

A few local centres include The Orchards, Akasia Gables, Rosslyn Absa forum and Amandasig winkel sentrum.

Pretoria North Shopping - Kollonade Shopping centre

To the west in the Montana area we start with the Kollonade Shopping Center is in Sefako Makgota drive and is considered one of he most successful Malls in Gauteng. It is central to the Montana residential area and is the busiest shopping centre in the area. Free parking and under cover parking available for a fee. 151 stores. You can find everything here from computers and stationery to your monthly shop in a hyper store. Your car is looked after by car guards.

Pretoria North Shopping - Kollonade Retail Park

The Kollanade Retail park is on Sefako Makgotha drive and has 47 stores, with free parking. Your car is looked after by car guards. Take aways, hyper store, clothes shopping, gymnasium and pawn shop

Pretoria North Shopping - Montana Family market

Montana family market is less a mall than a grouping of tiny shops selling cheap goods. If you are looking for electronics or anything associated with China, the Middle east, this is the spot, don't expect to do food shopping except for junk food.

Pretoria North Shopping - Wonderboom Junction

Wonderboom Junction situated close to the Wonderboom and the station, With more than 60 stores, free parking and paid for undercover parking, this is one of the quieter shopping centres. You will find a medical centre, a chemist, supermarket and many other stores here including one of my favourite coffee places. Your car is looked after by car guards.

Pretoria North Shopping - Wingtip Crossings

Wingtip Crossings lies to the east of Wonderboom airport and just south of the fly over path of planes landing there. It boast about 20 shops and is a popular centre for locals to get their daily shopping, take aways or sit down meals, pet supplies and alcohol, Parking is free and your car is looked after by car guards.

Pretoria North Shopping - Doornpark Shopping Centre

Doornpark is a local shopping centre with a supermarket that offers the cheapest bread in the area, but also the worst service and some of the worst milk tart I have ever tried. The Chinese take away and sushi place is highly recommended. The Sushi is actually made by an oriental lady. Hardware, take aways, butcher, pet food, chemist and bottle store. No car Guards but visible security. Parking can be a challenge at peak times as well as access and egress in the traffic.

Other Pretoria North shopping centres include Zambezi Junction, Montana value centre, West end lifestyle and decor centre, Tshwane China shopping mall, Montana Piazza, Zambezi Junction, Village square, Sinoville shopping centre, Magalieskruin shopping centre and Annlin Plaza

Pretoria North weather

Weather forecast

Pretoria North has a moderate dry subtropical climate with hot and rainy summers. Cool and dry winters characterise Pretoria Norths climate. Major reason for a warm climate is because of it's sheltered valley position. Pretoria North receives rainfalls in the summer months.

Summer temperatures in Pretoria North hover around 30°C and stays warm throughout the day. Winter temperatures hover around 20°C during the day, with biting cold at night.

Pretoria North Swimming pool

Pretoria North swimming pool is an outdoor pool 25m x 25m, In competition terms the Pretoria North swimming pool is a short course pool. It is half Olympic size or long course. The Pretoria North swimming pool has ablution facilities, a tuck shop and a paddling pool for the little ones. Swimming lessons and life saving coaching are offered at the pool. It is open during the summer season from 1 September to 31 March. Opening hours during the week are 10am to 6pm and weekend s closing time is 5pm.

Fees are charged for the use of the facility. Monthly and season tickets are available.

Pretoria North - Wonderboom Airport

Wonderboom airport is owned by Tshwane Municipality, It is mostly for private aircraft, but there is talk of extending the runway to regain it's International status. There are a number of businesses on the airport offering Aircraft Maintenance and training for air related trades from private, and commercial pilot licences, and air cabin staff.

A number of air charter companies fly out of Wonderboom airport. The airport is also the home of the Pretoria Skydiving club.

Pretoria North - Wonderboom

Pretoria North Map

Pretoria North - Police Stations

In Pretoria North you will find both the Metro Police and the South African Police Service. The Metro Police are mainly concerned with traffic policing and local bylaw enforcement. The SAPS are the crime fighters. In this section we list all the Police stations and Metro Police offices.

Pretoria North - Akasia Metro Police Station

The Akasia Metro Police Station is in the same building as the licensing department and Home affairs. They are available to verify documents and do affidavits regarding your vehicle issues. They also hang around the parking lot looking for unroadworthy and unlicensed vehicles.

Pretoria North - Wonderboom Airport Metro Police Station

The Wonderboom Airport Metro Police Station is based at the airport and offer security services at the airport. They are often found blocking roads in the area writing tickets. This is not a walk in Police Station to do affidavits and the like.

Pretoria North - Sinoville Police Station

Pretoria North - Pretoria Noord Police Station

Pretoria North- Community Policing Forums

Pretoria North Medical centres

Pretoria North - Hospitals

Pretoria North - Courts

Pretoria North - Sports Facilities

Pretoria North - Licensing Department

The Pretoria North licensing Department is based in Akasia, near Rosslyn and has two distinct and separate departments.The one licensing department handles everything to do with vehicles, that is registrations, transfer of ownership and licensing.

The other handles drivers licenses. You cannot do a Drivers test at the Pretoria North licensing department. You can only renew licences and do learners licence testing. The average waiting period for a learners licence appointment is about two weeks. They have a computerised learners licence testing centre.

If you are looking to do a drivers licence test, the two nearest centres are Waltloo and Soshanguve.

Pretoria North - Home Affairs

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Pretoria North Suburbs and post codes

Suburbs in thePretoria North region include,
Amandasig post code: 0118
Annlin post code: 0182
Bon Accord post code: 0009
Boordfontein East post code: 0201
Chantelle post code: 0201
Doornpoort post code: 0017
Dorandia post code: 0188
Eldorette Ext 1 post code: 0182
Erasmus Village post code: 0200
Florauna post code: 0182
Haakdoornboom post code: 0200
Hartbeeshoek post code: 0182
Heatherdale post code: 0182
Hebron East post code: 0200
Hestiapark Ext 1 post code: 0201
Karen Park post code: 0118
Kirkney post code: 0182
Klerksoord post code: 0200
Kolonnade post code: 0182
Kruisfontein post code: 0200
Magalieskruin post code: 0150
Montana post code: 0151
Montana Gardens post code: 0182
Montanapark post code: 0182
Montanapark Ext 1 post code: 0182
Ninapark post code: 0156
Onderstepoort post code: 0110
Pretoria North post code: 0116
Rosslyn post code: 0200
Sinoville post code: 0129
The Orchards post code: 0201
The Orchards Ext 2 post code: 0200
Theresapark post code: 0155
Tileba post code: 0182
Wolmer post code: 0182
Wonderboom post code: 0182

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