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Finding a Local Computer Guru in Pretoria

Computer services covers an array of jobs. These vary from planning and supply to repairs. There are computer jobs performed by specialists in their field to computer jobs performed by general workers. Data input is vastly different to coding. Many Pretoria Computer companies offer repairs, upgrades and replacement of computers, printers and other computing accessories.

Pretoria Computer Hardware Repairs

Most computers will be repaired by replacing components such as memory, hard drives and even motherboards and cpu's. Repairing at component level is not done often because it is not financialy viable to repair 5 year old PC's as these are considered as defunct equipment in need of replacement, Often parts are no longer available for older technology and upgrading is the best solution.

Most PC repair businesses in Pretoria do not do repairs to Apple products for a number of reasons, the most obvious being an inability to source parts and components, Apple are not known for being co operative with allowing third parties to repair their technology.

Computer software support in Pretoria

Most businesses use some form of software designed and built by specialist software firms that offer support and upgrade packages along with the software, but there is a lot of software that does not fall into this category. Open source software does not have any support offered except by small businesses, some in Pretoria, that started of as users and became power users. You can find a lot of training online for open source software, but sometimes training is not enough and you need someone to fix a problem that you are having. This is true of a lot of commercially available software as well.

Pretoria Software support more often than not is having someone with the ability to trouble shoot or diagnose very specific problems, If you are having a virus issue, or an unexpected result from your spreadsheet, it is the Pretoria Software specialist that will solve your problem. Many local small businesses in Pretoria have people well versed in operating system issues, as well as solving problems with office applications and the like.

Computer sales in Pretoria

Many small businesses in Pretoria, offer computer components and custom built computer solutions. If you need a top of the range computer for gaming or animation or you need a computer to get on the internet and download email, The specs are vastly different and most small computer suppliers in Pretoria will spec and build a PC to match your budget and needs.

Why spend more than you have to buying a computer that is way more than you need? I worked for a company that in 2000 was still running a DOS based system that did exactly what they needed. There was no need to upgrade and the legacy software they were using did not have any replacement. It had been designed and built for the client and needed some fairly basic computing power, The problem only occurred when the IT manager decided that all computers needed an upgrade and the computer itself could not run DOS. If its not broken, don't fix it, but make sure you have plans for when it does break.

Computer consulting in Pretoria

For those that need a network designed, and planned, for those that need software to do a specific task that cannot be handle by the CRM, or the spreadsheet, Computer consultants in Pretoria can help plan and specify the requirements for the businesses needs. You may have a data storage conundrum, a specialised calculation need or just need a spreadsheet that will save you hours every week with the quotes.

Computer training in Pretoria

Is there something you need to understand and cannot take off two weeks to do an advanced Excel course that will teach you a whole lot of stuff that is unimportant to you and maybe what it is you are battling with, find someone in Pretoria that can help you with one on one training on only the stuff you need to know. I have done many training courses over the years that taught me so much that I forgot a week later, because It was not what I needed to know.

Linux vs Windows

Small businesses often run into budgetary problems, because they need some software that costs a fortune, only runs on Windows and is considered the industry standard. Only a short while ago, there were only a few options available for business computing. Windows really was the only option because Linux was not user friendly, did not work well on all hardware and the software was lacking in a big way.

Like I said used to be. I have been running my business in Pretoria on Linux platforms for almost five years now, I have not yet found a problem that there was no solution for, I used to use Photoshop in a big way. When I switched that was my biggest concern, that I would not find a decent replacement for that, and I like editing videos and all my camera software was not available in Linux. 5 years later I wonder why I did not make the switch earlier. I have software for all of those things and more and the best part of it is I have saved thousands of rands just in the last year, not spent on upgrades.

Linux now offers a way for small start ups to get all the software they need, be it a kitchen design companies or accountants and book keepers.



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