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Find a plumber near me.

I have always found it cheaper to use local plumbers near me than to use one that has to travel a long distance. Travel time is usually billed for by the plumber in his call out fee, The call out fee will be based on the time the plumber leaves the previous job, till he arrives and starts working. My call out fee included the first hour so if it took 30 minutes to get to site, you would only get 30 minutes of work included in the call out fee. I also know that using a plumber near me will make for a more eco friendly option, If the plumber near me spends 5 minutes in his vehicle rather than 30, less greenhouse gasses are pumped into the atmosphere.

Are there different types of plumbers and what do they do?

A handyman may do some basic plumbing work along with all the other general tasks that a jack of all trades might do such as unblocking drains and replacing tap washers. You also get plumbers that will do these jobs, the general repairs and maintenance of plumbing systems at your home. This type of plumber will fix anything from a leaking pipe to replacing the geyser. Most plumbers will fit in this category. If you need a plumber for a small job this is the type of plumber to call.

Some Plumbers specialise in unblocking drains and sewers, These Plumbers usually have spoecialised equipment allowing them to very efficient and can usually solve the problem pretty quickly. The equipment they have is expensive and not a very good investment if you only unblock one or two drains a month, that is why the specialisation happens. If you have a blocked drain call in someone with the right equipment and it may seem more expensive by the hour, but is always cheaper by the job, because they can do it so much faster. Equipment matter when it comes to doing maintenance and repairs.

The next group of plumbers are what I call leak detectives. Leak detectives have some specialist equipment that allows them to pinpoint the source of water loss, to within less than ameter without digging up the whole garden or destroying the entire bathroom. Like the drain specialists, these plumbers may seem more expensive by the hour, but because of the expensive equipment, they are far more efficient and save you money on the job.

There are plumbers that specialise in new installs of sewerage systems like septic tanks and the neccessary piping for them. Mostly these plumbers won't do repairs and maintenance and prefer to work with big contractors in doing plumbing for developments.

Do I call a plumber or handyman to fit my new dishwasher

The easy way to decude is if you need to move any cabinets to fit the dishwasher, Do you have a plumbing point nearby, or do you need to create one? A qualified plumber is more likely to have the correct skillset for a new connection, because they will need to decide where to connect from and the best materials to do the job. If you already have a connection point, a handyman will be someone that you can get to connect the dishwasher and put it in place. If you need to move cabinets, find a carpenter or cabinet maker, or a handyman with that skillset.

Over the years I have seen many botched jobs, by people that just want to move a cabinet to fit a dishwasher in the kitchen.



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