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What is Web Design

Most businesses in Pretoria already have a website, but many get no results from them. In this age of budget websites being built for a song, most websites disappear into the ether, only to be seen by the designer, the owner and a few of their friends. Most Pretoria website end up being a nett cost of sales and do nothing to drive sales.

Web design is primarily the form of the website, the look and feel, or the User experience are created by the designers. There are a number of ways to do it yourself. You could use one of the many apps that allow you to squeeze in images and fill in content, Many of these apps are used by the cheap website designers, or they will use a template based system like Wordpress. There is only one problem with these sites and that is getting them found.

If someone offers you a website in Pretoria for R 499.00 or even R 1299.00 they are setting the bait to get you to pay monthly hosting fees, These can also seem very reasonable, but here is the thing, As a small business owner in Pretoria, any money spent on marketing or advertising that does not result in leads is a cost to the business, Small businesses need to trim costs regarding marketing to the minimum, Brand building is an expensive game.

Sales are important for small businesses. many small businesses in Pretoria have failed because they spent money on items that had no value to the sales process, because they wanted to try and impress. You cannot eat a brand or exposure, you can only eat goods bought with money earned from sales. If your website is not creating leads or sales, it is not an investment.

Often websites created with systems like Joomla and Wordpress, have high overhead and thus slow web sites, Slow web sites lose customers. People are impatient and want information, having videos is great, but never autoplay them, this is considered an irritation because if people want to watch the video they will start them running. give people options and info, If you want my contact info, give me something of value to make it worth my while being spammed by you.

Websites with prices do better than websites without, the most important info people want when they are considering a purchase is, Can I afford it? If someone else gives them that info and all the specs, they will stay on that site and spend their money on that site unless you have a compelling reason for not making your prices public. Your opposition has already seen your price list, They sent someone to your business to fetch it.

Is Graphic design the same as web design in Pretoria

Graphic designers are usually trained for print design, They are great at creating whiz bang brochures, business cards and logos, Some Pretoria graphic designers do web design as an add on product and few of them do it well. There are a number of difference in approach between web and print design. With modern software anyone can create a satisfactory website, but properly trained web designers know how to get results.

What is Web development and how does it differ from web design?

A web site is served from a server, and the majority of those servers are Linux based using Apache, A straight forward HTML website which at core is the best way to build a static website, can run on a web server without any databases and or coding beyond the very basics using CGI. Your Pretoria web designer will use HTML to present your website to clients and all of the HTML is parsed in the browser or front end.

Server side code that is processed on the server before being sent to the front end or to the user. This is code that cannot be seen by doing a view page source from the browser. Joomla and WordPress are examples of applications that do most of their processing on the server or back side. Commonly used languages used to code back end apps are PHP, JAVA and .NET. Joomla and Wordpress are both coded with PHP and have the ability to connect to a database. This web site is also coded in PHP and connects to a MySQL database which stores all the content much like Joomla and WordPress.

The difference between the code used to run this site and that of WordPress and Joomla is that the code for this site is not Open Source or used on millions of web sites. My code is designed to ensure great SEO without bolting on other coders code. The greatest weakness of the open source web platforms is that if a hacker can hack one, he can hack them all. I once in a period of 12 hours, lost 30 websites to a hack. I stopped using WordPress.

Does this mean my site is unhackable, probably not if someone was determined but I have taken all the precautions known to us, and the end game for hackers is to do as much damage as they can, There is not much point in spending hours to hack one website which is backed up, when they could spend those hours finding a weakness in open source platforms and destroy hundreds of sites in the same time frame.

Full stack development in Pretoria

Full stack developers in Pretoria, can do front end and back end work. In many larger Pretoria based web design companies they have specialists doing specific jobs from the graphic design, the HTML, the Java script and the server side coding. These people work in teams, The graphic designer will design the layout and user interface, The HTML bloke will do the CSS and layout of the components of the design as supplied by the graphic designer, The server side developer, will then create the links to the data source and populate the components as laid out by the HTML coder. A full stack developer has all of these skills and can do the development from start to finish.

App development in Pretoria

App development is an off shoot of web development and often uses the data supplied by the Developer from XML sources, Apps are most often designed for mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation in Pretoria

As mentioned above, getting results from your website should be the goal, the only goal of developing and designing web sites. Search Engine Optimisation is that process of ensuring that websites are not only indexed, but optimised to ensure that Google and the other search engines algorythms not only understand what the site is about but judge it to be the best source of the information available on the subject. Localised SEO is always easier than trying to optimise for an international market place.

Statistically 200 visitors to a website are required per sale. I have seen this on my own websites and therefore I work at getting as many visitors as I need to the web sites I have had for my businesses. I tend to target my market very tightly and have seen less traffic bring more results, because I am getting less traffic from Moscow, New York and Perth.



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