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Finding home improvement companies near me in Pretoria

There are many small businesses offering home improvement services in Pretoria. On this section of the website will find people offering services in your Pretoria suburb or region from the foundation to the roof. Our aim is to get you the best of small businesses in Pretoria because we like supporting local business for a variety of reasons.

Five reasons to support local small businesses

  1. When you support local, you invest in the local economy, when the local economy is growing your area improves. Strong local economies lead to lower crime, more employment and support of local charities.

  2. Local small business owners are people you should know, their children go to school with the children you know, local small business owners support local school events, pay their school fees and support local school children in need

  3. Small business owners offer more product knowledge, because in order to be competitive, they must know the products they sell and support

  4. A market place of many small businesses is the best way to fuel market innovation, prices and product diversity in the long term.

  5. Local business owners are far more invested in local issues, they help by being part of local civic groups and getting local issues solved.

Home improvement and repair companies in my area of Pretoria

As above the reasons for supporting small local business in my area of Pretoria are pretty compelling. Now let's talk about the variety of home improvement and repair services available in Pretoria. In my area there are many small businesses, offering a full range of services to home owners and in fact any building owners. General Contractors are also known as handymen.

What does a handyman do?

A Handyman is a jack of all trades and will do most jobs reasonably competently as long as the handyman is good. Before we allow any contractors to advertise on this site, we check references, so as to ensure that we have only the best contractors here, This does not mean you should not do your own reference checks to ensure that the contractor is maintaining standards.

What does a Pretoria carpenter do?

There are a number of different types of wood worker, Let's talk abou them so that you can understand the differences when deciding who you need to do the work on your project. The first type of woodworker is a carpenter, Carpenters are usually found doing the rough work in a house, roof trusses, skirting, ceilings and fitting of doors. This type of work requires skill and knowledge but tolerances can be quite big.

Joiners are also woodworkers but generally are involved in manufacturing and work in machines shops, the most obvious products made by joiners are wooden windows, doors and simple wooden furniture Joiners are reasonably specialist wood workers and work to tighter tolerances than general carpenters, Some joinery shops will have specialist machinists that work on only one machine. Machinists are not carpenters or joiners.

Cabinet Makersfrom Pretoria are specialists and focus on building furniture. If you are looking at an antique piece of furniture with intricate inlay or carving, that would have been made by a cabinet maker. Cabinet makers in Pretoria work to the tightest tolerances in the wood working industry. Today the differences are not as pronounced as in the past. Pretoria carpenters will fit kitchens and built in cupboards, because Melamine makes the job less complicated than it was in the past.

What does an electrician in Pretoria do?

Electrics are the one part of your house you should not be letting unqualified people work on, A licenced electrician has a wiremans licence and can issue certificates of compliance for your Pretoria home or business premises. Without one of these selling your property becomes impossible, It is a known issue that people that don't have the neccessary knowledge will put too many plugs on a circuit, mix light and plug circuits and other things that will end up costing a fortune to repair when you sell.

Some electricians in Pretoria specialise is solving electrical fencing and gate motor problems, The will also do new installs of energisers and electric fencing. Some electricians have qualifications that are specifically related to security products and may not work on the wiring in a building, Fully qualified electricians can do these tasks as well.

Some electricians, in Pretoria, like most other trades will specialise in one or another type of electrical work. Some electricians will only do new builds and others will focus on repairs. If you have a DB board that is tripping, it is best to know if your electrician is a diagnostician or a fitter. High tension and 3 phase electrical work is usually done by people that specialise in that kind of work.

What does a Pretoria plumber do?

A handyman may do some basic plumbing work along with all the other general tasks that a jack of all trades might do such as unblocking drains and replacing tap washers. You also get plumbers in Pretoria that will do these jobs. Plumbers in Pretoria will contract the general repairs and maintenance of plumbing systems at your home. These Pretoria plumbers will fix anything from a leaking pipe to replacing the geyser. Most plumbers will fit in this category. If you need a plumber for a small job this is the type of plumber to call.

Some Plumbers in Pretoria specialise in unblocking drains and sewers, These Plumbers usually have specialised equipment allowing them to be very efficient and can usually solve the problem pretty quickly. The equipment they have is expensive and not a very good investment if you only unblock one or two drains a month, that is why the specialisation happens among plumbers in Pretoria. If you have a blocked drain call in someone with the right equipment and it may seem more expensive by the hour, but is always cheaper by the job, because they can do it so much faster. Equipment matter when it comes to doing maintenance and repairs.

The next group of plumbers in the Pretoria area are what I call leak detectives. Leak detectives have some specialist equipment that allows them to pinpoint the source of water loss, to within less than a meter without digging up the whole garden or destroying the entire bathroom. Like the drain specialists, these plumbers may seem more expensive by the hour, but because of the expensive equipment, they are far more efficient and save you money on the job.

There are plumbers in Pretoria that specialise in new installs of sewerage systems like septic tanks and the necessary piping for them. Mostly these plumbers won't do repairs and maintenance and prefer to work with big contractors in doing plumbing for developments.

What does a building contractor do in Pretoria?

Some building contractors focus on new builds, others will only do industrial construction and another will do alterations and additions. Builders should be NHBRC registered, although some small businesses are not. It is in your best interests to use NHBRC registered building contractors, because there are guarantees under written by the NHBRC to solve any problems by NHBRC members.

Building contractors can be divided into specialist contractors and general contractors. specialist contractors may specialise in just one section of a building like foundations, flooring, or roofing. Some will do just brick work, others will plaster only, These specialists are normally found on larger projects, where it is economical to have many sub contractors supplying specialist services.

When it comes to home improvements, mostly general contractors will be used because they do everything from the foundation to the roof. Most new build contractors will sub contract out the plumbing, electrical, carpentry and cabinetry. Some will do it with their own teams of specialist carpenters, plumbers and other trades, Some will do it all themselves.

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