Web design, development and Internet Marketing in Pretoria.

Pretoria Web development is a family run business offering internet marketing service, web design, web development and search optimisation in Pretoria, Gauteng.
Pretoria Web Development

Tax accounting and Book keepers in Pretoria

Bizzbooks are accountants based in Pretoria North offering services to local businesses, by solving their tax and accounting problems
Bizzbooks Pretoria North

Services for small businesses in Pretoria

Small businesses in Pretoria have a need for a wide range of services often supplied by local small businesses from small home offices. This local business directory will help you find a much needed service near you. A full range of services is available for start ups and existing businesses in need of specialists to help solve problems they may have.

Find computer related services near me in Pretoria

Small computer businesses, in Pretoria, offer personal services and consulting services to local businesses and people in their areas, As a consumer of IT services, I have had dealings with national companies that offer poor levels of service. My computers have always been a necessary part of my business, without them I could not quote or do any design.

As a consumer with more than above average skills and knowledge, because of prior training and experience, I have had to fix my own laptops rather than wait for them to be repaired under warranty by a national chain that I purchased them from. I could never survive a six week waiting period for the machine to be sent back to the supplier. Repairing was always a better option.

A small local computer supplier in Pretoria is able to sort out your issues because if they are registered as a supplier of the machines, they are able to diagnose and repair machines under warranty, that need the work done. The large stores focus on selling and not on service and repairs. From my experience that means that you will be without your computer for extended periods if anything goes wrong.

Always buy your hardware from a source that is an authorised repairer in Pretoria, that way you will be sure that if your hardware crashes, it can be repaired or replaced rapidly. You can find such suppliers in Pretoria, here on this site.

You will also find small businesses offering consumables, from clones and original oem printer cartridges, to refilling of cartridges in Pretoria.

Software. web and app development in Pretoria

Having a website is no guarantee of success, I like to use the example of piling ten years with of newspapers in a room, and searching for an advert that was placed in a particular issue, about five and a half years ago. The internet is much like that, If the room had an index, you could find it faster, if the newspapers were filed in an orderly fashion, but if not, your chances of finding that advert are pretty slim.

The internet has no orderly filing system, There are thousand of servers spread out all over the place, with websites stored on them in no orderly fashion, Because it's digital, it makes it much easier to create indices. The two main search facilities are Google and Bing. Google has quadruple or more users than Bing. They use similar algorythms to index websites.

Websites get indexed by perceived importance, so any new website is already at a loss. Many websites get very few visitors and if the owners of the website, do not advertise them in local press, even fewer. Getting seen by the algorythms can increase your odds of having a website of value to your business. You can find a business in Pretoria to help with your needs.

Find an accountant or book keeper near me in Pretoria

Many small businesses in Pretoria cannot afford a full time book keeper and they get to have boxes full of invoices and receipts piling up, Many accountants and book keepers in Pretoria offer a solution to this problem by doing books for small businesses at monthly rates or at hourlly rates. Many book keepers and accountants work from home offices and can be far more affordable than the national and multinational accountancy firms.

These small firms offer most of the services that the big firms do, from data input to spreadsheet and tax accounting, If you are battling with VAT it may be a better solution to use a small firm to control your books. These firms also offer services like tax returns and more.

Find a photographer near me in Pretoria

Photography is just one of the services that can improve the quality of the impression you make to future clients, Brochures, Business cards and graphic design are important to your brand and the image you portray to future clients. Having a good logo, great documentation and a well branded image can make your great ideas more likely to succeed.

From Accountants to Sign writers in Pretoria, If you are a new business startup, you will find everyone you need to help you get started from HR gurus and Labour relations specialists, someone to register your company and people to help develop your branding. Perhaps you need photography of your products or services, some brochures or business cards, the people you need to know are right in your area. Do you need a motivational speaker, someone to train your staff, look here for a local business Guru in Pretoria.

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